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I am a writer, content marketer, and public policy expert, with a strong academic background. I pride myself on being an excellent communicator and natural leader. I believe kindness can change everything for the better.

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If you are searching for a driven and talented individual with 10+ years of writing experience to fulfill your content needs, I’m your girl.



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Lizzie is one of those few people you meet throughout your career that will be successful at any endeavor she chooses to accomplish. She is intelligent, compassionate, and even when not in a formal supervisory role, she is an elected-leader among her peers. Her work ethic is unmatched. She is an innovator and respectfully challenges the status quo to ensure her organization accomplishes the mission. She is well liked and well regarded as an excellent written and verbal communicator. Lizzie is equally comfortable in a leadership or team member role. Her work product is delivered on-time and accurate the first time. I give my strongest personal recommendation to Lizzie Perrin.

Chris Podratz, CEO & Regional Director: CA Correctional Health Care Services

Lizzie came to me with writing and editing skills but no real marketing experience. In the year I’ve worked with her, she’s grown to be my right-hand person in my client work with AMazzina LLC Content & PR Consultancy. I trust her implicitly to work with clients, manage contracts, and most importantly to write and edit deliverables that will eventually have my name on them. This is not something I take lightly and not something I would trust to many people. Lizzie has more than proven herself in the year we’ve worked together. She demonstrates the qualities that are needed for outstanding success, no matter what the field: she’s smart, she’s hard-working, and she’s driven. She gets things done, never makes excuses, and owns whatever role she finds herself in. I have no doubt she’ll reach and exceed her goals.

Alyssa Mazzina, Founder: AMazzina, LLC; Previously, Content Writer & Managing Editor: Stack Overflow