We Bought a House!

After more than a year-long process filled with failed inspections and hopelessness, we finally bought a house! Woohoo, and stuff!

As this will be the third house we’ve owned, we thought we were pros. But we were “dead wrong, DEAD wrong.” Alas, we had no idea how difficult it would be to buy a house in Sacramento — definitely made the first two purchases seem like a stroll in the park on a light and breezy day!

I know what you’re thinking, but hear me out. We weren’t picky. We had a great agent. We searched constantly. We did everything right. I promise.

Let me take you on a short journey. I won’t even bore you with our wish list because that was a joke from the start. Let’s just simply review our must-have list:

  • Three bedrooms: since my husband Nick sometimes works from home, and our son Max is home with his grandparents during the day, we really needed something that had a third bedroom for a private office.
  • Close to downtown Sacramento: I need to be close enough to work to get home quickly to Max. Also, I’ve been biking to work lately, so it was really important to me that I be able to continue doing that.
  • A decent garage: my husband is a grease monkey by trade and has a bazillion tools.
  • Not garbage and not a million dollars (literally).

Seriously, so easy, right? Okay, let’s just focus on that last bullet and try to find a house that isn’t garbage.

Ahh, perfect. Here is a beautiful, but modest, three-bedroom house.

pasted image 0 (9)

pasted image 0 (8)

pasted image 0 (7)

pasted image 0 (6)

It seems like a fairly normal house — a house wherein regular people like you and me would reside. I’ll admit, it’s big. 2,300 square feet and two-and-a-half bathrooms. Also, it’s been remodeled recently. And it’s gorgeous inside. At least it thinks it is. No really, there’s a sign out front that says, “I’m Gorgeous Inside.” Someone oughta make a meme out of that — when this house has better self-esteem than I do.

I digress.

You know, I actually watched this one being renovated because I pass by it during my commute. The garage is brand new from the ground up. Nice high-quality fence.

How much do you think this house is worth?

Is it worth $1.25 million?


I know I said it appears regular people would live there, but apparently a millionaire is going to live there because that’s EXACTLY how the house is priced.

Alright, fine, let’s find some garbage and see where that takes us.

Here is a two-bedroom house with one bathroom. The house is 909 square feet and every inch needs to be renovated. Also, IT DOESN’T HAVE AIR CONDITIONING. Okay, I’ll calm down.

pasted image 0 (5)

pasted image 0 (4)

pasted image 0 (3)

pasted image 0 (2)

pasted image 0 (1)

Guess how much. Just guess!

Not too bad, only close to half a million dollars. $405,900 to be exact.

Do you see what I’ve been dealing with?! Now, I know location is everything, but come on. When we start pricing two-bedroom dumps at half a million dollars it changes the game. I mean, who does Sacramento think he is? Redwood City? How dare you, Sacramento. How. Dare. You.

So as you can see, we obviously worked a miracle finding something in our price range. Yeah, we’re that good. Stay tuned for pictures of the ACTUAL house we bought! We will begin moving into our new abode this week so wish us luck!

Anyone have any tips on moving with a toddler? Yikes.

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